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CT Whole Body Phantom - With Pathologies

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CT Whole Body Phantom - With Pathologies

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A unique, life size whole body phantom for CT provides a variety of educational application as well as visual evaluation in finding out optimal scanning conditions

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    Brand: Kyoto

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    Features1.Radiology absorption and HU number approximate to human body
    2. Main joints have close-to human articulation
    3. Phantom can be disassembled into 10 individual parts
    Training skills / ApplicationsPlain X-ray / CT /Basic patient positioning
    Case / PathologyRefer to PDF( Anatomy and Pathologies)
    Set includes1 whole body phantom / 1 head supporter / 1 flat head screwdriver/ 1 set of samaple X-ray / manual

    Height (approx.)165 cm /65in
    Packing size (approx.)W92 x D57 x H38cm, W37 x D23 x H15in / W90 x D63 x H22cm, W36 x D25 x H9in / W89 x D57 x H16cm, W35 x D23 x H6in
    Weight (approx.)50 kg / 110 lb
    Packing weight (approx.)80 kg / 176 lb
    MaterialsSoft tissue: urethane based resin (density: 1.06)
    Synthetic bone: epoxy resin (density: 1.31)
    Skull:epoxy resin (density: 1.11)
    *Phantom has no metal parts or liquid structure
    Replacement parts41350-200-02 right hand for PH-2&2B / 45350-200-03 left hand PH-2&2B  / 41350-200-04 right upper arm for PH-2&2B / 41350-200-05 left upper arm for PH2&2B / 41350-200-12 right thigh for PH2&2B /41350-200-13 left thigh for PH2&2B / 41350-200-14 right foot for PH2&2B / 41350-200-15 left foot for PH2&2B
    Optional parts41363-070 storage cases (consist of 2 boxes) / 41350-200-16  body plates for PH-2/2B (BMI 32) / 41350-200-17  body plates for PH-2/2B (BMI 40)
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    Publication referencesKim, S., & Jung, H. (2013). A Study on Performance of Low-Dose Medical Radiation Shielding Fiber (RSF) in CT Scans. International Journal Of Technology, 4(2), 178-187. doi:10.14716/ijtech.v4i2.107
    UpdateJuly 28, 2020

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