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Angiographic CT Head Phantom ACS
CT head phantom suitable for CT and Angio. Please select the correct option.
A new variation added: Head Phantom for MECT, which contains arteries of innovative water equivalent material
CT Whole Body Phantom "PBU-60"
A unique, life size whole body phantom for CT provides a variety of educational application as well as visual evaluation in finding out optimal scanning conditions
Paediatric Whole Body Phantom "PBU-70"
Pediatric Whole Body Phantom "PBU-70"
X-Ray Whole Body Phantom "PBU-50"

A whole body imagiong phantom suitable for plain x-ray, basic pateint positioning and basic CT imaging.
Radiology absorption and HU number approximate to human body.
Main joints have close-to human articulation
Phantom can be disassembled into 10 individual parts

Included anatomy:
skull / spine / clavicles / scapulae / ribs / sternum / coxal bones / lungs with pulmonary vessels / trachea
(up to primary bronchi) / heart / liver with portal and hepatic veins / kidneys / humerus / antebrachial bone
/ bones of hand / femur / patella / lower leg bone / bones of foot
Paediatric Chest Phantom
A phantom representing a five-year-old for practicing and performing imaging and dosimetry

Multipurpose Chest Phantom N1 "LUNGMAN"
Wide variety of uses in interpretation training, anatomical education, evaluation and assessment of devices and other research.
Intravesical Urine Volume Measurement Phantom
Intravesical Urine Volume Measurement Phantom
Ultrasound Echo Lung
Because of the influx of patients from the COVID-19 pandemic, CT and X-ray machines are increasingly difficult to access for diagnostic purposes. As such, lung ultrasound is one solution to minimize exposure for medical professionals, and Kyoto Kagaku has developed a phantom to practice the basics of this procedure.
Pressure Sores Simulator
Its detailed representation allows for a wide range of training scenarios, including sore assessment , ultrasound assessment of deep tissue injury, and necrotic tissue removal.

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