MRI Patient Trolley - Deluxe Plus

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    • Constructed from non-ferrous materials with minimal magnetic flux
    • MRI conditional (up to 7 Tesla)
    • Height adjustable 600-1000mm
    • Hydraulically Operated
    • Adjustable Backrest (2 ratchets)
    • Twin hook IV pole & storage
    • Twin rail safety sides to 140mm above mattress
    • Anti-Static 50mm pad with retaining hooks
    • Corner buffer rails/handle
    • 4 braked anti-static wheels
    • Underframe tray
    • 280kgs advised, 300kgs limit
    • 2120mm Length, 690mm Width, 600-1000mm Height

    As the Deluxe but with:
    • Trendelenburg tilting top
    • Reverse Trendelenburg tilt to -12 / +8 degrees
    • Fitted with spirit level for quick visual level
    • Gas-strut assisted backrest