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Deluxe Standing Feet Plate Cover 35x43cm
Perspex cover with red Polyester frame, non-slip rubber feet and carry handle.
Will accommodate most cassettes and DR plates up to 35 x 43cm.
Fish Tank Leg Support
The fishtank leg support is our most popular leg support for use in raising the contralateral limb for obtaining lat hip x-rays..

The sling can be easily removed and cleaned. and replacements are available.

the body of the product is radiolucent and does not interfere with the ability to obtain a good image.

Polyethylene Lateral Foot Block 36x30x10cm- with 15mm Slot
This product is also available in radiolucent plastic.
Lateral Knee Block - Closed Cell Foam
Lateral Knee Block 36x30x10cm- with 15mm Slot

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