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ProBelt 200
ProBelt is the first completely hook-and-loop-free belt system and allows a perfectly hygienic fixation of patients on the CT. The ProBelts are available in 200mm and 350mm widths and are compatible with the CT tables of all common equipment manufacturers using different rail adapters.
Stenson Blocks - FP59 C-Spine Immobilisation Pad
Stenson Blocks
Designed by Oxford University
Hospitals for immobilising trauma patients with a radiolucent, easy clean, wedge. Sold in pairs.
ProBelt 200 Thorax PFC
Thorax/abdomen examinations are routine CT examinations in which the patient’s arms are usually positioned above the head.

However, if the patient’s arms cannot be positioned above the head, correct and stable positioning are all the more important in order to avoid “photon degeneration artifacts” and not to increase the radiation exposure unnecessarily.
ProBelt Wrap
A completely hook-and-loop-free belt system and allows a perfectly hygienic fixation of patients on the CT.
The Wrap does not require rails for fixation and can be used on a variety of tables.

ProBelt 70 is 7cm W x 160cm L
ProBelt 200 is 20cm W x 200cm L
Multipad Slim Air
The MULTIPAD Slim has a dimension of 17 x 9 cm and a variable thickness of 1 to 3 cm and is therefore particularly suitable for situations where space is limited.
Trendelenburg Wedge - Plain Foam
Trendelenberg Wedge 55x35x15cm
Available with a wipeable cover
ideal for raising patients legs or providing support for recumbent positioning
ProBelt 50
ProBelt 50 is part of Pearl Technology's unique ProBelt product family and are compatible with CT head holders of all common equipment manufacturers. ProBelt 50 offers a quick and hygienic head stabilisation.

Attached to CT cradle and wrapped around forehead – quick stabilisation in CT head holder.

No skin contact of hook-and-loop and easy to clean – perfectly hygienic
Hard-wearing materials and high-quality workmanship – high durability
CT/MRI Leg Support
Shaped foam pad for supporting the patients lower limbs during cross sectional imaging procedures.

Promotes a more comfortable position for patients who struggle to remain fully supine during scans.
PearlTec Hand Vacuum Pump
Hand Vacuum-Pump is MR-compatible and can be used to
withdraw air from vacuum cushions.
CT Table Cover
The CT Table Covers are protective sleeves made of PU foil and are available
for CT table covers from various manufacturers. The specially designed flaps
provide additional safety and the high-quality materials and workmanship
make the product hard-wearing and durable.

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