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MRI Conditional Badge Reel x10
MRI Conditional Badge Reel - Non-Ferrous Metal
Retractable Badge Clips with No Twist ID Holder
Clip for MR Based healthcare professionals
450mm extension
Jewellery Test Magnet
The Magnet has a 11Kg Pull force and is designed to detect ferrous components in precious metals.
MRI Prismatic Glasses
Non-Magnetic Prism Glasses allow the patient to see the room outside the bore of the magnet during their scan, allowing a companion or scenic picture to be viewed.
MRI Soiled Linen Holder
This MRI Non Magnetic Linen Hamper does not come with a lid and bag is sold separately.
MRI Fire Extinguisher 2kg
Specially created for hospital MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scanner rooms and nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers (NMR's), this 2kg CO2 fire extinguisher is totally non-magnetic and anti-static with a special valve and fittings.

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